How much do Awnings cost in Dubai?

There are a variety of retractable awnings on the market today, each with their benefits. The common question we are always asked is how much does the awning cost? However before we can accurately answer this question there are always three questions we need to ask a customer..

What type of awning are you looking for?

There are three main common types of retractable awnings in Dubai. Monoblock, Cassette and Butterfly. For a detailed articles on how they are different view this article here.

What size awning do you require?

Awning sizes are customised and can range from a width for 300cm up to 600cm projection. The projection or how far it reaches out ranges from 200cm up to 500cm in projection. Therefore the more the width and projection, the greater the price.

Do you require Manual or Motor operation?

Motor or manual operation places a key factor in price. Motor is more expensive and the manual operation via a hand crank is the less expensive solution. Once we have this information we can provide the customer with accurate pricing. Check out the following table for our awning price guide.


Awning price Guide

Awning Price average range in motor and manual operation
Awning Type Pricing Range USD Price Range AED
Monoblock Awning $870 – $2400 AED 3200 – AED8000
Cassette Awning $1360 – $5700 AED5000 – AED 21000
Complet Pro Awning $760 – $1500 AED 2800- AED 5500
Butterfly Awning $3800 – $5450 AED14000 – AED 20000