Motorised Pergolas

Motorised Pergolas

Range of Motorised pergolas whether you need shading in the garden or by the sea.

Bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvres to control the airflow in the Pergola

Motorised pergolas are becoming more and more popular in Dubai and the UAE. Two types of models are available. Pergolas with metal louvers on the roof that can be adjusted and retractated to provide ventalation. The second type are pergolas with fabric canopies which can be retracted. Pergolas are all metal and can be freestanding or with wall mounted installation. Additionally the pergolas can be installed with glass sliding doors to allow privacy but also air cooling possibilities.

Pergola Products

Pergola Pricing

Get pergola pricing for the different types of pergolas. Bioclimatic and Fabric Canopy. Chat with our Sales team so we can understand your requirements.

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