Fixed Roof Pergolas

Fixed Roof Pergolas

Range of Fixed Roof pergolas whether you need shading in the garden or by the sea.

Fixed roof pergolas are becoming more popular in the gulf and the UAE due to their ability to provide robust shade all year round. The pergola can be installed free standing, wall mounted or between walls. The fixed roof pergolas has angled louvers which provide shade but also air flow through keep the occupants cool.

The Pergolas are custom made in our Factory in Al Quoz and can be fully customer ised with powder coating and additional accessories such as lighting and Glass sliding doors. We can also integrated the pergolas with retractable fabric canopies, Motorised or manual blinds and even shade sail canopies.

The pergolas are made with Aluminium and Steel supports and can be installed in a range of locations in Dubai and the UAE. Our team can undertake site visits to check on the possibility of retractable pergolas and can then advise.


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Pergola Pricing

Get pergola pricing for the different types of retractable pergolas. Bioclimatic and Fabric Canopy. Chat with our Sales team so we can understand your requirements.

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Common questions about Fixed Roof Pergolas

Are these pergolas custom made?

The Fixed Roof pergolas are custom made in our factory in Dubai. They can be wall mounted, Between walls or free standing.

What Sizes are possible?

The Max size of a module with louvers is 500x500cm. We can make several systems together in to much larger pergolas.

Will it stop rain?

The Fixed Roof pergola has angled louvers in the roof to provide shade but also let air flow through keeping the occupants below cool.

These are not rain protection systems.

Can I view models?

Our Fixed Roof and bioclimatic pergolas can be viewed in our warehouse display in Al Quoz.


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