Palazzo Royal Umbrella

The PALAZZO® Royal is ideal for hotels and restaurants, and has a great range of wonderful details. It can be opened and closed with a maximum of 19 manual turns of the crank or remotely with the motor. This leaves the seating below undisturbed, as the shut height is higher than 70 cm. All control components and cables are integrated into the mast and frame and can be operated by remote control. The PALAZZO® Royal also shuts down automatically if the motor overheats, has an emergency function for rapid closing and is available in many XXL sizes.

Material and technology:
The frame is made of stamped, natural anodized aluminium sections. With anti-twist pole (including reinforcing ribs).

The sunshade can be opened and closed using the hand crank or the motor with remote control.


Glatz Logo Glatz AG was created in 1895 and has been creating umbrellas for over 100 years. Located in Frauenfeld in Switzerland, Glatz offer a large range of umbrellas for the home and commercial use.

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