Piazzino Umbrella

A functional sunshade that dispenses with high technology and is easy on the wallet: the PIAZZINO®! The natural-coloured maple wood gives the canopy a romantic touch and provides guests with lots of space to relax in cosy shade. The tough and long-lasting maple used for the wood structure guarantees that this sunshade will work flawlessly for years. The PIAZZINO® Wooden umbrella is at the top of the league for timeless functionality and style – and that at an affordable price.

  • Easily open with Rope Pulley
  • Dark Maple Wood pole
  • Ecru 150# Canopy
  • 60KG granite base(grey) with handle and wheels
  • 30KM/H Windspeed for Umbrella Anchored
Ecru 150 Fabric UV fabric protection


1,300AED1,650AED excl Vat

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Glatz Umbrella logo Glatz AG was created in 1895 and has been creating umbrellas for over 100 years. Located in Frauenfeld in Switzerland, glatz offer a large range of umbrellas for the home and commercial use.

Now in its fourth generation, the company is led by CEO Markus Glatz and has made a name for itself with sunshades and outdoor concepts for homes, gardens, hotels and restaurants – far beyond the borders of Switzerland.


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