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Understanding wind for shading in the UAE

The UAE climate receives a large change in temperature between January and December. We receive high temperatures, Humidity, and also strong winds and storms. The understanding wind is important in ensuring your shading remains in good working condition. Knowing when...

Garden Shading on a Budget – Top 3 Shading Options

Garden shading can get quite expensive depending on the type of shading you require aswell as the amount of shading you need to cover. We offer three shading solutions that can be used to get good shading for customers on a budget. 1.Cantilever Umbrellas Cantilever...

Shade Sail Price in Dubai

There are a variety of retractable awnings on the market today, each with their benefits. The common question we are always asked is how much does the awning cost?

Outdoor blinds and keeping your home cool

The Summers in the UAE and Middle east can be notoriously hot. With temperatures reaching  up to 50 Degrees, home owners invest in newer AC units and crank them up to full throttle just to keep the home a little cooler. One strategy is to try to keep the home cooler...

3 Things to Consider when buying a shade Sail

With Shade Sails a popular choice in the summer months of Dubai, we thought we would highlight three things to consider when buying a shade sail for the Garden.TypeThere are two main types of  shades sails that can be supplied. Tensioned shade Sail or the non...

SunShades in Dubai – how to pick the right model.

Sunshades are popular in Dubai and the UAE due to the near year round sunshine and high temperatures. There are several different types of Sunshades which we outline below and we highlight when each type is best to be used. Umbrellas, Awnings, Shade Sails and...

The Shading Company - Our Range

From awnings to pergolas, we have you covered at the Shading company in Dubai. Our trained team can assist in all your shading needs. Our shading solutions are covered by warranties and we also provide service and support for all your shading requirements.

The Shading company specialises in outdoor shading for homes and businesses including restaurants and hotels in Dubai and the UAE. We aim to be the best shading company in the UAE offering a range of quality solutions for our customers. Our team boasts many years experience and can supply Awnings, Umbrellas, Shade Sails, motorised blinds and Pergolas.

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