Sombrano Cantilever umbrellas

Umbrellas are available in cantilever, hanging, centre pole and giant at The Shading Company in Dubai.  They are ideal for use outside in gardens and on terraces, aswell as in Restaurants and Hotels. We can offer custom made canopies and logo printing for all our parasols. The Shading company offers service and support for all our outdoor sunshades in the UAE. Our Umbrellas are on display and available to view in our Warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Cantilever umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas are available in a range of syles and designs. hanging with 360 rotation and wood verisons

Centre pole umbrellas

Centre pole umbrellas

Centre pole umbrellas are available in a range of style and sizes. square, rectangular and round versions are all possible. Designed to withstand strong winds

Giant umbrellas

Giant umbrellas

Giant models are available up to 800cm dia and can be operated with manual handcrank or via motor. Intergrated lights and heating are possible.

Glatz Umbrellas
  • 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

  • Service & Support in UAE

  • Branding and customised canopies

  • View Models in our Dubai Warehouse
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Get Umbrella Prices

Get umbrella prices for our centre pole, cantilever and giant umbrellas including custom made canopies and logo printing.

Centre Pole Umbrellas

Centre pole umbrellas can be used for restaurants and pools when there is no need for a cantilever or there are strong winds. They are also ideal as garden umbrellas. Centre pole umbrellas can withstand strong winds with the right fixation. Available in aluminium or wood versions. We can supply sizes of 250cm and 300cm round and 200x200cm up to 400x400cm size.

Cantilever Umbrellas


Cantilever parasols, hanging umbrellas or offset umbrellas have become increasingly popular as they allow customers to shade a dining space without the need for a base in the middle. Our umbrellas come in 300x300cm size as standard however we can supply larger models up to 400x400cm. A range of bases and mounting options are available including mounting plates and granite bases. Top models can withstand up to 60 Km/H


Giant Umbrellas


Giant sunshades offer the ability to shade large terraces with a small base footprint. They are very strong and can be integrated with motors, lighting and heaters. The maximum size these can be installed is 800cm round. Custom sizes and colours are possible.

Customise the Canopy

Besides the skin, sunshade covers must also be protected from strong UV rays. If a sunshade is frequently exposed to the sun, the material will fade over time. How quickly and to what extent colour intensity is lost depends on the lightfastness of the fabric. The higher the material class, the better the lightfastness and, consequently, the longer the fading period. The lightfastness of GLATZ fabrics is determined according to the ISO 105 802 standard.

UV fabric protection rating for umbrella canopies

Service and Maintainance

Glatz offer a 2 year manufacturers warranty against specified defects on their umbrellas. Our team are trained to repair the all our stocked models. We stock spare parts of our popular models. Our team can repair parasols on site or return them to our store and repair them in our Al Quoz, Dubai workshop.


Service and Support for umbrellas

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