Umbrella frequently asked questions

Umbrellas can be confusing. Below we highlight the common questions asked by customers when choosing a umbrella.


Can the Umbrella be Branded?

Yes we can offer canopy branding on the umbrellas. We can make a custom made canopy and add silk screen printing on the flaps and canopy. Alternatively for branding with lots of different logos and colours, we can use Digital printing on the canopies.

Can you change the size of the umbrella?

The umbrellas we supply come in standard sizes. Yes we can make alterations to the canopy within certain limits to adjust the size.

Can you change the Umbrella frame colour?

For certain models this is possible and we have also supplied in wood effect powder coating for certain projects.

I want to install without a base. What are my options?

There are three actual options depending on the model of umbrella. Mounting plate allows us to drill a plate holding the connector in to a concrete foundation to secure the umbrella. We can create a hole in the ground and fill with concrete and set a ground socket to hold the umbrella. Finally we can also wall mount the umbrella ( cantilever and hanging only).

Can we add lighting to our umbrellas?

We can add rechargeable lighting to our smaller umbrellas such as the fortino, fortero, fortello and cantilever models. Giant umbrellas can be integrated with lighting, motor and even heating options if required.