PR7 Drop arm Awning

This is a system with front-drop arms and a tensioning system that is an improvement over traditional drop arm systems, allowing it to stand up better to wind without losing its shape. The most interesting feature of this system is its arms, which provide both technical and aesthetic advantages such as preventing wear on the lacquer, extending the lifespan of the awning, etc.

PRT-07 arms have an internal tension transmis-sion system which uses the flat, flexible tape of the ART SYSTEM, which considerably extend the lifespan of the awning. The system is especially designed to reduce the tension as the fabric is rolled up to prevent sub-jecting the fabric or the brackets to unnecessary force when the awning is retracted

Drop Arm awning Sizes.

Drop Arm Awning Opening



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  • Internal ART SYSTEM tension transmission.
  • Very versatile because its mounting plate is perfect for two types of installation: wall mounting and between walls. It can also be combined with Microbox 300 cassette which provides the added benefit of protecting the fabric as well as the system itself.
  • The meticulous aesthetic of its components, designed to result in a system that is very elegant and harmonious.
  • Convenient, quick and easy installation.

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